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April 13, 2013
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Pixel Art Town Project by vanmall Pixel Art Town Project by vanmall
All spots are taken. If you would want to participate as well then be sure to write your name down in the comments. That way I can contact you when there should be a spot open.

People have decided and they picked pixel city as our pixel project. But since pixel grid was so close then I'll try to combine these two and give you what you wanted. Right now I added 64 squares because I don't know if we will even fill it. But I have some plans to make it even more awesome if you guys are interested. I will also add some city objects and buildings step by step, as the city grows.
I hope that this will turn out to be a epic project. If you like this then be sure to let others know about this as well, so that it would grow bigger and bigger.

But before we start, here is a little story of this place and what happened and is happening so that you would get a better overview what's going on.


How things started...
Welcome to Cytherion, an ancient land once protected by Cytherion army. This land has seen many great and devastating wars in a battle for Cytherion Citadel, what once was a landmark for all the powerful and majestic. But just like all the other things in this life, often the most precious things are the ones that seem to go too fast.
Now many years have passed and what once used to be the hub for all the traders, warriors and travelers has slowly turned into wasteland of no life and happiness. But this is all about to change because we together will embark a new journey. Journey that will once again make Cytherion what it was before and prove to the world that good things can last many lifetimes.

And now...
Now, historically Cytherion hasn't been fortunate with it's location, because tribes that have been surrounding this area have always been unstable. North from Cytherion you will now find a modern country what is ruled by humans like us. This country is rich and powerful, often described as a blessing from the gods themselves but in reality often driven by money and greed. However life over there is luxurious, mostly funded by the government. So it doesn't matter if you work or not, you are still rich no matter what.
South from Cytherion you will find another country, unfortunately not so rich and powerful. But they have something that other's often don't have - love and happiness no matter what. They support each other and try to get over life obstacles together. Most of their living comes from farming and metal work, but some more fortunate have worked their way up to being shopkeepers that is given on generation by generation. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this country isn't populated by humans but their nemesis, emoticons.

Why Cytherion...
Cytherion symbolises hope between these two countries, that peace isn't only a word we are talking about, but actually something that can be achieved by hard work and respect towards each other. Cytherion is a new home for people who decided to give up their good life or for emoticons who think that they can support their family better over here. Both of them, no matter what their cause is, respect each other and have an agreement that we, no matter who, can live together and respect each other as we are.
Therefor with the money they had and hard work they put into it, Cytherion is once again turning out to be as majestic as before. They have finished building roads and other important things for life, now it's time to move in and live the new life.

Your task...
This is where you come in. It doesn't matter who you want to be, human or emoticon, be who you are. Prove us that Cytherion can once again be this awesome place that it was before. Build your home, shop, garden or what ever you want. There are no limits, you are the one who shapes the future.

Rules and guidelines

But there are some rules in Cytherion that we all have to follow.

1. When you build then try not to block too much of the surrounding squares. There is no height limit but be mindful.
2. You can claim more than one square and build these squares together.
3. There is no limit for claiming squares, you can own as many as you want but you can't get more squares before you have built on the ones that you have already claimed.
4. Keep it clean, no offensive stuff please.
5. You are free to build what ever you like, it doesn't have to be a building.
6. Please don't use colors out of original context aka too bright colors or neon colors.
7. Try to keep your work in a same scale as everyone else.
8. You have to use isometric pixel art.
9. Use this template as your guideline. You don't have to build on top of it but it is here, so you wouldn't go over the lines.

10. Read before posting.

I try not to interrupt your ideas but if something is way out of place then I might ask you to fix it before it is added to the project.

One thing that you have to promise me is that if you claim a square then be sure to complete it. You don't have to do it with 1 day or even 1 week. You can take a month or two if you want to. But if you know that you can't do it within couple of months then please don't claim a square and do it when you are ready.

Future of this project

I don't know how well this project will go because over the years it is proven that only some of the projects last longer than few months. Therefor most of the project never get completed. I will tell you right now that I will try to keep this project alive as long as possible and do what I can to make it happen. But I can do only so much to make it a success. I can provide you with templates, scenery and support, rest of the stuff comes from you.

Development and Growing
If it should happen that this project is more successful than expected then of course I will make the original map bigger by adding new locations like for example an island or gated community for people who have already proven themselves to be worthy citizens. Possibilities are endless.

Major updates

January 28, 2014 - Our town is grown to be bigger than expected, so some cosmetic updates were needed.
- added lamps and traffic lights to all streets.
- town got itself a brand new bridge as well as the area around it.
- big overhaul to how buildings are displayed.


:bulletgreen: 1. r0se-designs --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 2. Web5teR
:bulletgreen: 3. vanmall --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 4. Jordan9909
:bulletgreen: 5. StrawberryYashi --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 6. mintyy
:bulletred: 7. LizToonsewe
:bulletgreen: 8. Xipako --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 9. Lost-in-Underland
:bulletred: 10. radiantcomet
:bulletred: 11. Lost-in-Underland
:bulletgreen: 12. princesscheetos --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 13. InuyashaRules6596
:bulletgreen: 14. ThePrettyArtist --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 15. Oobiedoobs
:bulletred: 16. LadyMidnightSolace
:bulletred: 17. AIternativeBunny
:bulletred: 18. Shink0u-chan
:bulletgreen: 19. AIternativeBunny --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 20. PixelatedV
:bulletgreen: 21. A5P1D --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 22. Kurokodile
:bulletgreen: 23. AIternativeBunny --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 24. Riony-Yagameratsu

:bulletgreen: 25. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 26. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 27. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 28. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 29. Solar-Beam --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 30. robinmcdiarmid
:bulletgreen: 31. ligula --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 32. ShadOBabe
:bulletred: 33. robinmcdiarmid
:bulletred: 34. wensly
:bulletgreen: 35. acefecoo --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 36. Jordan9909
:bulletgreen: 37. NeoZ7 --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 38. Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: 39. princesscheetos --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 40. KururuRyu --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 41. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 42. Shirei-Shou --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 43. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 44. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 45. GreenBombAngryBird
:bulletgreen: 46. Nilmrots --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 47. Skyfishz
:bulletred: 48. Peppermint-Pinwheel
:bulletred: 49. Honeywave
:bulletgreen: 50. trenico --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 51. JotaShonen
:bulletgreen: 52. trenico --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 53. DrRevolutionary
:bulletred: 54. MafiaVamp
:bulletred: 55. Pixacious
:bulletred: 56. Pixacious
:bulletgreen: 57. JEricaM --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 58. JEricaM --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 59. ioanacamelia2000
:bulletgreen: 60. robinmcdiarmid --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 61. ZellaRoss
:bulletgreen: 62. r0se-designs --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 63. spring-sky --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 64. avisceral
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